Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Funny things

here are a few Bass family funnies . . .

* the school called today and when I answered, the Assistant Principal asked if I was Tru's mom . . . I said yes (trying not to panic . . . why was she calling?! had he gone Yoda on someone? what was broken?). She started telling me a story about him running on the playground and it felt like a sweet forever for her to get to the reason she called . . . he accidently kicked his shoe off and it went down a drainage ditch. I was so relieved.

* Sascha went to see Mrs. Tepahnee (that would be Stephanie to the rest of us) today and when she got in her car, Stephanie said, "Hey, Sascha." and Sascha replied, "Hey, beautiful." Who wouldn't want to spend time with her?

* I took Bo out to lunch and to Target to pick out a Batman toy . . . he asked if he could get it for Christmas. He thinks every time you get a toy, it's Christmas . . . love it!

I will get back on my creative game tomorrow . . . my brain is still fried from the weekend!

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