Thursday, July 14, 2011

The urge

I have the urge to purge and redecorate.

We have lived in the warm color scheme for our entire marriage. And there is anything wrong with it, I'm just wanting to venture away from the gold tones and khakis and reds and greens and see what life is like on the cooler, grayer based side of the street. My brown couch will still work if my research is correct, but there will have to be some reaccessorizing and a massive repainting around here (including the trim work) and Josh says that is a negatory until Sascha gets out of her wall coloring phase.

I thought she was out of this phase until last week when she went crazy downstairs with a dry erase marker. Then she found a purple sharpie upstairs and helped me get started with new colors in the kitchen.


I think Josh put her up to it because he is afraid of decorative change. Especially if it involves him painting.

So in the meantime, I am going to try to get our house down to the bare bones. We have sooooo much more than we need and it is on my nerves. (Quarterly spring cleaning, I guess, because remember this post?)

And to help me keep it all together, I have FINALLY treated myself to this label maker. It has actually helped Tru with cleaning up. His little mind doesn't know what to do when you say pick up, but now that the bins and drawers are all clearly labeled, he complains a whole lot less and puts them in the right place a whole lot more! YAY!

Well, I'm off to suit up the kids and try to fit a swim in between the wonderful rain showers!

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