Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kids say the darndest things . . .

Maybe they are only funny to me, but I love the way my kids say things . . .

Bo: Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. I cannot go into my bed because there is a monster onto under it.

Bo: Mommy, did Shasha get skittles for going teetee in the potty?
Me: Yes. Aren't we so proud of her?!
Bo: Mommy, Mommy, I go teetee and poopoo in the potty? Aren't we so proud of me? Where are my skittles?
Me: Bo, you are already a big boy. You don't get skittles because you already know how to do it!
Bo: Awwww mant!!


Sascha: We go the fireworks? I so etcited! I yuv the fireworks! They go bang, bang, boom!

But, perhaps the kicker yesterday was what Tru DIDN'T say . . . Caroline and Tru and I were cleaning out the playroom. (Happy sigh from me . . . ). Anyway, Tru was a less than thrilled to be involved in the event and was doing a lousy job of even pretending to help. Finally, I sent him to his room to sit on his bed until either Caroline and I finished or he decided to help. After about 45 minutes he told me he was bored and I told him he was welcome to come out and work with us. He said no thanks. About 15 minutes later, he ventured into the playroom with his list of demands: he would stay and contribute if I gave him a certain number of things to pick up and then he would be finished. I denied his request and said he would be finished when the job was done. He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders, and went back to sit on his bed.

I guess that's one way to answer.

To his credit, he did FINALLY come out and work a little bit. And Caroline (my sweet, mini-me) told me she had fun cleaning out the playroom; even though it was hard work, she said it was TOTALLY worth it because "I mean, just look at this place. Ahhhhhhh!"

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