Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dance, dance, dance

Caroline has LOVED dancing this year! She has a performing side of her that is a natural, and she is picking up on the dance really quickly! Dancing at a competitive level has really boosted her confidence and is instilling discipline in her.

Here is her team, "My Guy", warming up before they danced Friday afternoon.

Kristen (their teacher and the owner of the studio) is an amazing woman who has done so much in Rock City's inaugural year. She has made a little dancer out of Caroline and does a great job of pushing and encouraging the girls. Originally, "My Guy" was going to perform at the Star level (easier competitive level), but once Kristen got to Branson, she believed they could hang with the Power level. It was a risk--it meant we might not place as high as usual, but she had confidence in them! And it paid off-they took 1st in musical theatre in their age group and 3rd in their age group overall!

There were 376 performances at this year's Branson competition. Of those 376, the judges chose 54 to dance in the Battle of the All Stars to be THE champions. We were so proud of Rock City for taking 9 of those spots . . . included in there was Caroline's dance!!!! Such a fun moment! They have worked hard and had fun and learned so much and this honor was a huge accomplishment!

This is the company stretching and rehearsing early Saturday morning

And here are our darling girls taking 3rd place in the 8 and under large group division. Soooo excited for them--many had not competed before this year and some were only in their 1st or 2nd year of dance period. It's such a testament to the talent of the staff and their ability to choreograph and teach!

We did more than dance though (not much more) . . . we ate and shopped and hung out with our great friends, the Jacksons. Maggie and Caroline are on the same dance team and Avery dances in several dances as well, 2 of which were chosen for the battle.

I have tried to tone the blog down so as not to be obnoxious . . . we were ecstatic and on cloud 9 all weekend!! I am just so glad to be a part of such a wonderful dance company--not just because of the success, but because of the tone and attitude that is set by the staff. 

Check out their website and if you are in the Central Arkansas area, you canNOT go wrong sending your kids here to dance! I have heard story upon story of girls who have been dancing for years and have grown as dancers or in confidence this year under Kristen and the girls. 

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