Monday, July 18, 2011

Cloning and X-Ray

Friday was a tough Mommy day. I was torn between a hurt baby girl and a big girl going to dance in a national competition. It was honestly one of the harder days as a mommy I have had. Let me back up to Thursday . . .

Thursday afternoon we came back from swimming and all of the kids were starving!! We have a rule that all food MUST be eaten at the table because our little people made some new friends, the ants, downstairs when they left out their snacks in the playroom. Someone had turned the TV on and Sascha was standing in her chair trying to watch TV while she munched. Despite my repeated cautions to sit down so she didn't fall, she kept standing up and, you guessed it, she fell.

That in and of itself is NOT unusual. The child is a daredevil who jumps and shimmies and leaps and climbs and eventually falls all the time. Most of the time she hops up, brushes her hair aside, and says, "I otay." This time she hobbled over to me whimpering that her "yeg" hurt. I chalked it up to her being very tired, plopped her in my room with a blanket and a Dora video and hoped she would take a little cat nap. That was around 3:45/4:00. By 4:30, I could tell she was really hurting and was concerned when she told me that she couldn't get off the couch because her "yeg willy hurt!"

Oh. Dear. She LITERALLY doesn't complain AT ALL. For her to whimper and not be running around was a bad, bad sign. I loaded up the people and called Josh to meet us at the pediatrician's office. I called them on the way and they said we were too late in the day and would have to go to the ER instead.


Nope. Josh and I decided that the ER for a potential fracture was not in the best interest of our situation. We had a nurse friend look at it and she agreed that icing it and giving her motrin was a good plan until the peds office opened in the morning. If she woke up fine--great; if she was still in pain, appointment time.

Poor baby sat on the couch the rest of the night, wincing and moaning. It didn't look good. Meanwhile, I was trying to pack Caroline and I up for her big nationals competition in Branson. We had been looking forward to our girls' trip for a long time, but for me there was a cloud hanging over the trip--how could I leave my baby with a major booboo to go have fun? We were the last of our friends going up to Branson, so there was no one she could bum a ride with and I didn't feel right about not being there to support her at such an important competition either. UGH. CLONE ME PLEASE!!

Friday morning dawned EARLY. I hadn't slept good, tossing and turning with guilt and anxiety. I got ready and Josh and I woke up the 3 older kids and sent them to the car. With much trepidation, I went into Sascha's room and woke her up. She rolled over and said in a pitiful voice, "My yeg is hurting." My heart broke as I picked her up. She was really hurt and I was leaving her. There was no other option. I knew Josh could handle it, but you moms understand, there is nothing harder than leaving our sick or hurt babies in ANYONE else's care. 

Caroline and I were taking a rental car to Branson (details not important, but it made good sense). The entire drive to pick it up I was praying and fighting back tears and helping Josh get organized for doctor's appointments, x-rays, childcare for the boys, and oh yeah, Bo had speech therapy in the middle of it all. I begged God for a miracle for the baby girl. She had not put her right leg down in 16 hours--no weight, no pressure, no nothing.

We parted ways and not halfway to Branson, Josh sent me a video of her limping around. By the time they got to the doctor's office she was even a little better. And by the time they got her to xray, she was standing on her own as far away from the machine as she could. 

We are so thankful that there was no fracture and she has continued to get better. Today, you would never know!! We got the news that there was no fracture before Caroline danced on Friday, so I was able to really enjoy her performance . . . as were the judges, but more about that tomorrow!!

Before I post this, I want to say a HUGE thanks to Julie for watching the boys on Friday so Josh didn't have to do that alone with all 3 hooligans. That was unbelievably helpful!!

Stay tuned tomorrow, you won't want to miss the exciting weekend of dance . . . I'm serious! It was awesome!!

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