Monday, July 11, 2011

They might as well be applying to college

This sweet, cute boy went to his first Vacation Bible School today.


He was so excited when I told him this morning that he ran around the house telling the other 3 MULTIPLE times where he was going. THEN, he went and found the little red Bible our church gives the toddlers when they graduate from Pat the Bible curriculum and INSISTED on taking it with him to his "Bible school".

When we got there, he drug me in to the large group area, tugging hard at my hand if I stopped and talked to friends. I tried to drop him off in the pre-school area, but they looked at his form and told me that he actually belonged in the Pre-K class.

(*Sniff, Sniff*)

How is that possible? I was pregnant with him Caroline's first year there. How can he be old enough to be in the PRE-K CLASS?!

(Probably because he starts Pre-K in September.)


Rip my heart out. Sascha is potty trained, Bo is starting Pre-K, Tru is about to lose his 2 front teeth, and Caroline is in 4th grade.

Seriously. The college brochures will be showing up soon.

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