Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of things

I woke up this morning at 4:45 and went to the gym with my mom . . . had a great work out and was home by 6:15. I sat on the couch and read my Psalm for the day and then cuddled with my boys before going downstairs to wake Caroline up. When I came back upstairs to fix her oatmeal, I could tell that Tru bud wasn't feeling well, so I suggested he go back to bed (he bargained for the downstairs couch and won). Caroline and I enjoyed some chipper conversation about muscles and breakfast and I packed her lunch with delight because I went to the store yesterday and I wasn't scrounging to find things for it. She needed to be at school early because she was doing the morning announcements, so we headed out the door at about 7:11. At the last minute, I grabbed a jacket because the temperature outside is dropping and I was over being hot from working out. We chatted all the way to school and I felt unusually awake and happy for such a rainy, yucky Monday. As we pulled into the parking lot, I saw the principal opening doors in the carpool line and thought . . . "Well, how sweet, Mrs. Anderson is working . . . CARPOOL?!?!?!?!"


At Caroline and Tru's school, each class is responsible for a week of morning carpool. The room mom organizes it and it's easy and kind of fun . . . you open doors, help kids out of the car, tell everyone to have a good day . . . no biggie and it's only for 25 minutes.

Guess who's week it is? Guess who the room mom is?!

In case the title didn't tip you off . . . that would be me . . . I am in charge of this week. And since I forgot to check my emails and send out a reminder to the other parents last night, I failed to notice that we didn't have anyone scheduled for this morning.


So, I quickly parked and hopped out and graced the families with my sweaty presence. Aren't we all glad I brushed my teeth?

I really have no business being in charge of things lately. I used to be able to juggle a lot and now . . . well, I use the phrase, "I'm pretty sure" way too often.

I guess pride goes before a fall because I caught myself patting myself on the back this morning for "having it together today" . . . hahaha.


  1. Grandpa and Uncle Will said they would be glad to do carpool on Thursday! Uncle Jase said that he would handle Friday by himself!!!!!


  2. oh dear. welcome to your future shelli. *sigh*