Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Our weekend was wonderfully packed! And I have woken up this morning a wee bit tired.

I am also confused as to why my computer continues to throw in the occasional number 3 while I type. It could be in my bleary eyed state I keep hitting it, but I didn't think I was that tired.

You may recall my Friday of nothingness. I did manage to make myself shower (8 hours post spray tan) and we all went to Good Friday service. Tru took his first communion and the symbolism may be a little lost on him . . . I believe his two most memorable comments were, "Wow, the juice really DOES look like blood!" and "Can I have some more of the juice?"

After the service, Josh and my dad took the 3 older kids to African Cats where they saw hyenas eat lion cubs and Mom and I went to Target with Sascha where the only time Sascha wasn't talking was when she choked on a Dora fruit snack.

Saturday was one of those days that got off to a slow start and then never stopped. Caroline's soccer team, the Lady Charge (I don't know where the name came from, but it was given to us) remains undefeated and I am starting to worry about how much I enjoy that stat. It's an Upward league, which means that it is supposed to me more about sportsmanship and Jesus then the game. I support both of those causes wholeheartedly, but man it feels good to watch them win! (Refer to this post to learn why.)

We celebrated their 4-0 season with some hot dogs and ice cream at Brewster's and then ran home so Josh could mow and I could shop. 

So glad to see our priorities and tasks are exactly as they should be!

We both finished in time to shower and get ready and meet the Matsons for dinner. Tru has a friend, Emily, whom we ADORE (I promise I will always give her back, Robin!) and turns out we really like her parents, too! The food was good--although, we found out the rude way that they do NOT serve black beans there. Or at least the black bean nazi told Robin, "No black beans for you!" (well maybe not quite like that, but it was close) Then Sascha poured out all the salsa and Tru crawled under our table and another table, so we left Senior Tequila to the applause of the other patrons.

Ok, not really, but I bet they were clapping on the inside.

We ended our time together back at Brewster's. And yes, the ice cream is good, but mainly because they have a nice deck for the kids to run around on and my kids managed to meet (or annoy) a few other families while Robin, Tracy, Josh, and I talked. It was a lovely night.

We swung by Kroger on the way home to grab what Caroline and I needed to make an Easter Bunny cake and look what I picked up as well . . . 

Because guess what's over!! Lenten fast has ended and Rachel can have the bottle again! (I am sorry? happy? confused? to say that when I opened it Sunday morning, the taste was not as good as I remembered . . . I don't know what to do with that . . . )

Anyway, you may need a little caffeine to make it through this post.

Easter services were glorious! The worship was amazing and the sermon was amazing . . . I wish I could have gone twice!!

The kids even cooperated for a half-way decent picture

And look at this cuteness . . . I did not birth him, but I don't think I could love him much more even if I had

The rest of our day was spent decorating our bunny cake, hunting eggs at Nana and Papa's and eating much more than we should have. It was a great weekend and I am feeling abundantly full in faith, friends, and family.

Happy Monday, y'all and happy new year, Tracy!

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