Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big, crazy week

If only carpool was where the craziness of the week ended . . . we've had a rampant case of strep (5/6 have had it so far) . . . and some doofus decided to kick in our front door while I was at the doctor with Tru and steal our TV and all of Josh's watches. Including the engraved one I gave him on our wedding day AND the one he got on his first father's day. Sad.

God was so good to protect me and the kids and Tate. It's all just stuff anyway. Replaceable and unimportant in the grand scheme. The officers who responded to my frantic 911 call were so kind and Mandy rescued my kids so they could play instead of watching CSI fingerprint our house.

On a side note, only one CSI girl came out. No music was playing. She made no speculations. It was nothing like the TV show.

Anyway. We have moved on. I have been so thankful that God has honored the prayers of my friends and my mind has stayed relatively peaceful and calm given the circumstance. I didn't even ask Josh to not go out of town (but I am glad he is back!).

We kept it light with the kids--talking about how these thieves were not scary people, they were stupid, selfish, lazy people. And we laughed and plotted about setting booby traps like on Home Alone.

And now, fun times are upon us--Josh's parents, brother, sister and her husband have come to visit!! We are having fun and have been out and about shopping for my sweet, precious nephew, John Tyler . . . bedding, and strollers, and swings-OH MY!! I just LOOOOVE getting ready for a baby (and I won't lose sleep with this one!). I cannot wait to spoil him ROTTEN!!

We will wrap up the week with a soccer game and then Caroline and I will drive to Dallas for her dance competition.

And next week I will sleep.

And hopefully potty train Sascha.

I cannot imagine a house without diapers. And the money we will save.

Maybe I will stock up on more Target jewelry for burglars to turn their noses up and leave behind.

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  1. My Bass Family, I have prayed for you every day this week, and am so grateful for your strength, faith and humor. Those are the things that are important in time like these. We too have been robbed, of only precious metals and stones, electronics and appliances...our little family's (had only 2 children then!) spirit was untouched! Love each of you. So love your notes!