Friday, April 29, 2011

Are you kidding me?!

Someone PLEASE fire me from the volunteer list.


The great blonde has struck again! I have been helping plan a mother/son event at the kids' school. I don't feel like I should get any credit for it because my co-chair is a whiz on the computer and much more together than I am (aren't we all glad?!), so she has done almost everything. I have been more like her assistant.  I have been uber impressed with her organization and delegation--she takes charge without taking over and being bossy. It's a rare gift that I don't possess . . . at. all.

I was supposed to call the school and ask about the tables . . . I did call and make sure the school remembered we were coming and would have the doors unlocked. (The custodians still looked confused as they were setting up, but I KNOW I reserved the gym because I have an email.) The tables, however, I KNOW I forgot. Oops. Really oops.

Everyone has been really nice about it, but I HATE HATE HATE feeling irresponsible. UGH.

So, blog friends, when August rolls around and I make some mention about going to registration, I expect all you loyal followers to flood me with reminders NOT TO SIGN UP TO BE THE LEADER OR PLANNER OF ANYTHING!!


(I may be black listed anyway.)

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  1. You and Tonya did a GREAT job organizing the event--I thought everything went really well and we had a lot of kids there! Rhett really seemed to have a good time!

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!