Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tonsillectomy, aka Summer Vacation?


So . . . Caroline is lounging around, watching TLC and Disney on Netflix and being waited on hand and foot.

That's what summer looks like around here . . . don't you wish I was your mom?

Or, it could really mean that I scheduled Caroline's tonsil and adenoid removal for the 1st day of summer vaca.

(Rethinking wanting to be my kid, huh?)

This was her pre-surgery photo shoot:

 Show me happy

 Show me sick

Give me your best post-surgery prediction

She did great, though! The doctor said that her tonsils were nasty and her adenoids were huge and she REALLY needed to have them both out. He predicts she will sleep and feel better than she has in who knows how long! (after we get through the 2 weeks of recovery, anyway!)

This is her now . . . a little less eager for the camera

But doing great, none the less and drinking through the pain. Love her. 

Meanwhile, I left my book at home and had to scrounge the waiting room to pass the time. I ran across this magazine and was intrigued/alarmed/amused by the cover story

RAISE YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY FROM CHICK TO TABLE?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me? From pet to main course? No thanks. 

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