Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What the heck?

That is one of Sascha's new favorite saying. She starts out saying, "What da, what da, what da hect?!" We aren't sure where she got it, but it is pretty darn cute!

But, seriously, what the heck? How is it the end of May? How has it been a week since I posted? How can I even begin to catch you up?

Here are some highlights, to be followed over the next few days with details . . .

I passed this picture today in the school hallway as I was going to an assembly for Caroline. After all, nothing says, "I exemplify the character trait of loyalty" better than a double peace sign. Cute mess.

I was just wondering where he got it from when I passed THIS bulletin board--

Well . . . there ya go. Apples and the tree, folks. My mom used to laugh and warn Josh that one day, at a parent/teacher conference, he would have to own up to some of the antics our kids pulled . . .

We had a super fantabulous time with our Kansas City family, the Clarks . . . I will have to spend a whole post on it, but here is an adorable snippet of our time there

That would be precious Joe pulling his sweetheart around the Kansas City zoo while she drank a DDP in luxury. (With big brother patrolling, of course.) Love those Clarks.

And, if I can muster up the emotional strength, I will share all the sweet, tear inducing pics of Bo's graduation (or, as he calls it, his gradulations). Here he is in his shirt and tie waiting in the carpool line
to go in. I love him.

And I love how he still calls it his "new school" on the very last day!

May has been uber eventful and we aren't slowing down over the next 2 days--we have the official last day of school tomorrow and then Caroline kicks off her summer with a bang by having her tonsils taken out Thursday. Good thing nothing says summer like lots of ice cream and popsicles!

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