Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday confessions

Confession #1- I am procrastinating. This blog is not for you dear readers, it's me avoiding doing some work, some laundry, and even showering. It's too hot to even shower. Thank you May in Arkansas.

Confession #2- My phone is more aware of my non-hipness than I am. My sister and I were texting back and forth (because she was holding a sleeping baby and we tend to be loud) and I answered her back with a straight-up gangsta "Fo shizzle" because, y'all, I spent some high school time listening to Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre, and I know a mad beat when I hear one. My phone, however, auto corrected my shizzle with Shipley's. The donut place. A much more accurate representation of my life than Snoop-speak.

Confession #3- My sister thought that confession #2 was so funny, she ended up waking the sleeping baby up anyway laughing at the text.

Confession #4- I am a big believer in not letting school get in the way of your education . . . or as Josh would say, letting my kids skip for various reasons I deem worthy . . . until the last 2 weeks of school when the impending summer vacation is looming and I panic and insist that they "make as many memories as possible with their class and teacher!"

Confession #5- I have hit an exercise slump. This always happens to me. I peak in January and February and then slack off in late spring and early summer . . . you know, the months when you are wearing bathing suits and need to look better than the months when you wear layers and can hide your cellulite.

Confession #6- I am not admitting that I have cellulite, just saying that if one did, one might not want to show one's cellulite.

Confession #7- I bought an ice tea maker at the store today because my math skills deduced that it would be CHEAPER TO BUY A SMALL APPLIANCE than continue my Sonic habit.

Confession #8- I will still need to hit Sonic occasionally because it wasn't until I got home and opened the box that I remembered I love their ice almost as much as their tea and Sonic ice did not come with the ice tea maker.

Confession #9- I am afeared for the possibility of Sascha RUINING the dance recital on Sunday. Flat out quaking in my boots.

Confession #10- If I don't stop coming up with things to tell you about myself, I am going to end up at the dress rehearsal for dance smelling worse than the 5th grade boys did today at field day. (And that is not an award I want to win.)

Confession #11- My final confession is this . . . I think it is clear from this video who Caroline gets her dancing skills from. You are welcome, Josh Bass, you are welcome.


  1. Those are some sweet moves! What was the event? Kyle's jealous he didn't get to perform such awesome moves.

  2. Sascha is going to be perfect in her dance recital! You tell her that Mimi knows that she is going to be the best dancer up there!! And remember that age old rule : anything... any child... under the age of 5... does in a dance recital... is to be deemed ab-so-lute-ly wonderful. EVEN if they dance like a dragon on a stage full of fairies!!!