Friday, May 11, 2012


Our amazing, wonderful, sweet, awesome, gorgeous babysitter is getting married today!

Abby and Sascha at the bridesmaids' luncheon--isn't she just a knockout?

Last night, as people toasted Trent and Abby at the rehearsal dinner, I heard people refer to Abby as many things . . . sister, daughter, best friend, example, role model, gorgeous, and more. And, it's true, she is ALL those things. Around our house, however, she is referred to as my sanity.

The first time Abby came to our house to babysit, I handed her an inhaler for my 8 month old and said she would know if he needed it and then drove to Hot Springs to work all day at a golf tournament for my mom. I don't think I had a cell phone back then either, so she would have had to track me down if there was a problem. And do you know how many times I worried about my kids that day? ZERO. Because they were with Abby.

About 1 1/2 years ago, Josh and I went to Kansas City for the weekend and Abby stayed with our kids. Around 24 hours into the trip it occurred to me that I hadn't called to check on them. Because I wasn't worried--I knew they were having fun and in great hands--because they were with Abby.

But the part that makes her my hero and my sanity? That started around the time Sascha turned 1. Sascha went through a rough patch medically; She had RSV for 7 weeks that resulted in some pretty bad asthma and then, late summer and early fall of 2009, we noticed that she kept getting a fever virus. We started charting them and noticed that they seemed to happen every 4 weeks and no one else ever got them. Her pediatrician ran tests to rule out leukemia and a few things and diagnosed her with cyclical fevers. Between that, her asthma and the predicted swine flu epidemic, Sascha was considered high risk and basically quarantined to the house. The pediatrician told us that for the next 6 months Sascha should not be in very public places and should definitely avoid contact with kids other than her sibling. To protect her further, Bo could not go to mothers day out or Bible study or even the church nursery because he was very likely to bring home illnesses. Tru and Caroline changed clothes and washed their hands as soon as they came home from school. I followed her directions really closely (except ONE time I took her to IHOP and forgot her seat cover and within 24 hours she had another severe case of RSV). I knew the sacrifice was necessary and worth it because she had been a very sick baby and my pediatrician is not prone to overreacting. The thing that broke my heart was having to drop out of Bible study--not only was it a great Beth Moore study, it was also my social time and very precious to me.

Abby, meanwhile, was a college student in Conway  and very busy with some regular babysitting jobs and school. Out of the blue, she called to do a Cutco knife demonstration for us and we said sure. As God would have it, she came over the same week I had been told to drop my life and go into hibernation. She gave her pitch, we bought some knives, and I jokingly asked her if she happened to have Wedensdays open. Never, in a MILLION years did I think that she would. Miraculously, however, she could keep my babies and I could go to Bible study.

God love her, she has worked me in to her weekly schedule ever since then. (Even after Sascha was cleared to return to public life.) I look forward to my Abby time every week. For a stay at home mom of 4, 3 hours a week of alone time is priceless. I'm not the only one who anticipates it either--Sascha wakes up every day asking if it's "Tursday and time to doe see Abby." My older kids LOVE to be sick on Abby days (yes, that's how amazing she is, she STILL COMES WHEN THEY ARE SICK!). When she graduated from college, I tried to be brave and tell her I would be ok, but she said her work schedule was unique and she could still keep Sascha one day a week. If pharmaceutical companies could bottle Abby up, there would be no need for antidepressants!!

Last summer, Abby came back from the beach with a glow that was much more than just tan. She was obviously in love and after hearing about her week with Trent and his family, I could tell he was the one. A couple of months later, I was loading my kids up in the car when I got a call from Trent explaining that he was trying to surprise Abby with a proposal followed by a celebration/birthday party and would we please put that date on our calendar. And now, here we are, on their WEDDING DAY!!!

Abby, you are BEAUTIFUL on the inside and out--absolutely STUNNING in every way. I cannot imagine how I would have survived the last few years without you. I don't think I would have. I am so blessed to have you in my life and SO thankful my kids have you in their lives. Anytime you and Trent want to play house with some kids, you definitely know where we live! I know that you guys will have an amazing life and I am so very, very excited for you both! Thanks for including us in your weekend--no matter how Sascha acts walking down the aisle (hahahaha), it's such an honor to get to witness this union up close. We love and adore you! 

Trish and Scott, well done raising Abby! Trish--I think we are going to need to grab some more lunches so I can soak up more wisdom and tips. 

And, Trent, now we love and adore you too! You have definitely won Sascha's heart. 

Enjoy this day! Congratulations!!!!!!

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