Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bo's Gradulations

These 2 pictures are from waaaaay back in September . . . Bo's first day of school . . . he was 4 and excited and adorable

These were 2 weeks ago on his last day of school . . . 5 now and still adorable and excited

And these (sniff, sniff) are from his Transitional Kindergarten Graduation (and let me just say if my emotions from pre-k graduation are any indication, the kids' high school graduations may be embarrassing events for the Bass family because Mommy will be boo-hooing!)

 So handsome!

 I LOOOVE his smiles

 As if we weren't all emotional enough, they sang "Make new friends but keep the old . . . "

 He's official

 and slightly confused by the tassel movement

 all graduated

 sweet sister celebrating with him

such the ladies' man :)

I cannot cannot cannot say enough about Mrs. Trish. She loved Bo so well and really helped us get his OT started. She was encouraging and honest and REALLY knows how to love and reach boys. I wish we could take her with us to kindergarten!!

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