Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Soccer and Recitals

Whew. It was quite a weekend around the Bass house. Well, let me rephrase. It was quite a weekend but none of it happened at the Bass house.

We kicked. We danced. We finished the soccer season. We recitaled. We. Are. Tired.

(At least I am.)

(But it was all fun--this is not me complaining!)

The soccer season was . . . unique. First of all, it is the FIRST spring soccer season that we did not freeze our patooties off one time. We sweated all season. Second, it was the first season that my child did not score a goal but DID catch a cricket. (Dedication and some keen hand eye coordination directed towards the wrong activity, but still, dedication and keen hand eye coordination.) Bo seemed to sort of get the concept of soccer during the 2nd half of the last game. Here is a picture dump of our last warm-up and game.

 Bo and Michael getting pumped up for the game

 Wrestling, soccer, whatever . . . 

 The human tunnel . . . go Bears!

 Gotta rehydrate!

 love our buddies--Bo and J.T. 
 Coach Chad (bless him) and the Mighty Bears

We recovered from soccer and geared up for a day of dance. Little bit was going to be in her first dance recital and we were equal parts excited and scared. Caroline was pumped to dance for her family--Josh and I decided that dragging the whole family to each competition was insane, so this was the first time for he and the kids to see all of her dances. My parents and my sister and brother-in-law and sweet nephew, Baby Davis, came too. That's love, y'all. 

I have heard from several friends whose girls dance in the recital only classes that this was the best dance recital they have ever been to and that they ended up staying for the whole thing because they were so thoroughly entertained. I agree. The staff and teachers at RCDC do an AMAZING job of teaching and honing talent while promoting character and it's all done in an a really fun and supportive environment. Just like at competitions, you could hear the girls cheering for and encouraging each other. I am so thankful to be a part of the Rock City family. I know when Caroline and Sascha walk through those doors for the last time, they will not just be better dancers, they will also be better people for their time there. You can't put a price on that.

 How stinkin cute and sweet were they?

And here are 2 of Caroline's
 Conga--oh yes! Love some Gloria Estefan . . . I never sat still through this one

 Courage . . . I loved this one too--tear jerker

 That's my baby up there! They never dropped her once all season :)

I'm not gonna lie--it's fun to watch your kids. At least, it has been for me! I love seeing Bo master, okay, improve in a sport he had never played before. I loved watching my girls on stage doing things I could never do. I get excited when Tru gets a hit in baseball or moves up a belt in karate. I just love seeing them active and enjoying it. It's definitely worth the money we pay and it's even worth the way my legs felt by the time I got home Sunday.

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