Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our neck of the woods

It's purty crazy up around here, so here are some highlights . . .

* You may remember Sascha's adventure with the stamper not long ago . . .

 Well, apparently, she likes the inked look and went for a more dramatic, smurf-like image yesterday:
We knew there was trouble when she called from her room, "Nobody come check on me, ok?"

* Of course, she and Bo are still partners in crime. Last week, I was upstairs folding clothes and they were downstairs in the playroom, playing. Or so I thought. At some point I realized that it was pretty quiet for those 2 and decided to peek in on them.  As soon as my foot hit the top step, Sascha gasped, "OH! SHE'S COMING! QUICK! HIDE!!"

Well, I was intrigued. And since I didn't smell smoke, I was way more interested in them going back to whatever they knew they shouldn't be doing than I was in just storming down into the playroom. So, I hid. And waited. And waited. Until FINALLY, they believed I was gone and jumped back onto the couch, where they resumed . . . swapping hits off the syrup bottle. 

Yep. My two little Buddy the Elves were DRINKING. SYRUP.


* And after too long of Caroline not feeling well and listing off various symptoms frequently, I decided to make an appointment with the allergist to see if there was anything to her complaints. Ummmm . . . 
So, yeah, she may be allergic to a few things. Like, every tree, grass and weed that they test for and dust and cats and a few other things. The dream of the live Christmas tree is gone and we start weekly shots soon. Her tonsils are also huge and may need to come out. So, I guess her complaints and the dark circles under her eyes are legit. 

*Yesterday we celebrated Josh's bday. He was lovingly mauled in his bed with songs and gifts
and this is the only picture I took because he wasn't thrilled with early morning photography that might be posted on the world wide web. He is in the middle of the bed with Caroline and Bo to the left and Sascha and Tru to the right. He kindly spent the day as the Watchdog Dad at the kids' school and then we celebrated him with BBQ and cupcakes. Love you, Josh! You are an amazing husband and daddy and we are very lucky to have you!!

*In between these monumental events, we have had beaucoup de soccer, baseball, karate and dance: 
Tru is testing for his next belt and scored runs in both of his baseball games last week. He had a pretty unique (but successful) slide into homeplate, too. He also managed to lose both contacts on Friday at 2 separate times (one was recovered).
Bo did NOT score a goal during soccer, but he DID catch a cricket on the field.
And Sascha continues to find new ways to be cute at dance. I am DYING for her recital in 2 weeks. DYING, I tell you.

Here is one of Caroline's dances from her competition in Little Rock last weekend. It's called Mad Scientist and it received Diamond Elite Top First . . . which is the highest rank it could get. Her other 3 dances did well, too.

I'm sure that I have left out several memorable things, but it's time for me to throw some food at my people and load up for more baseball. I know, we need to get some hobbies around here because we seem bored.

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