Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Ok, first new year's resolution is to get back to blogging regularly! The holiday season has been fast and fun and memorable and blog worthy but not always blog accessible. I am kind of bummed that regular life is about to resume. Josh has been off, the kids have been out of school and I have enjoyed our time together.

Christmas was great! And I will post a good recap later . . . it involved happy kids and an adorable nephew.

Meanwhile, here are a few things that I learned this year and hope to take with me into 2012:

 - when you have a kid with the pukes, make SURE they are done throwing up before you offer them red jello

 - keep two eyes and one hand on Sascha after taking her floaties off at the pool

 - if Bo and Sascha are together and it is quiet, stop whatever you are doing and go find out what mischief they are making

 - if you have a house alarm, turn it on before you leave the house just in case you are robbed. feeling stupid on top of scared when there are police at your house filing a burglary report does not help the situation

 - if you decide to start using the house alarm after said theivery and you leave your oldest at home to run to the bus stop, make sure you engage the correct one and NOT the one triggered by movement inside the house . . . I'm not sure what was louder--the alarm or Caroline's screaming

 - think twice before giving Tru your phone number and access to a phone . . . he LOVES to call (and call and call and call)

 - know where sharpies and nail polish are at all times (and it is helpful to know where Sascha is in relation to these objects)

 - if you think you smell dog poop, check the kids' shoes yourself--they will all say it's not on theirs (even when it very obviously is)

 - having all 4 kids potty trained is a BEAUTIFUL thing

 - convincing all 4 kids to try and use the bathroom at the same potty stop on road trips is a work in progress

 - the side of the road is ALWAYS an option for boys

 - speech therapy is an amazing thing and worth every penny (too bad our insurance company doesn't follow my blog)

 - facebook causes me great anxiety so I only use it to shamelessly promote my blog or share things--I don't check the news feed or people's profiles anymore

 - I don't miss facebook at all

 - hearing my 2 babies (ok, 2 youngest) sing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" NEVER got old or less sweet sounding to my ears

 - my relationship with God is more about me hearing His voice and following it than anything else

 Happy New Year! May we all be aware of God's blessings over the next 12 months!!

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  1. Good lessons! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your whole clan! Maybe we'll get to see each other in 2012!