Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tidbits from my thoughts

Here are some random thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head over the last few days:

* I love Tate's optimism! EVERYTIME Josh and I get up from the couch at night or walk towards the kitchen, that sweet pup is at our heels hoping, believing, silently begging for something to eat. Even if I am going to the bathroom or the laundry room. I hate to correct Emily Dickinson, but hope isn't the thing with feathers on it around here, it's the furry thing with the collar.

* (just so you know, there will never intentionally be a live thing with feathers on it around here. Ever. A bird flew in our garage over the break and it took all my grown-upness NOT to use the front door for a good, solid week. Birds frighten me.)

* Autocorrect on text and email amuses and annoys me. How chest turned into Elvira today eludes me. However, if you want a good belly laugh, get on Pinterest and look at that category. Then clear your computer's history because it will contain words your kids should not accidentally come across.

* Speaking of Pinterest, I am completely offended because I requested an invitation to join and never got one. So I requested another one and it replied, "you are already on the request list.". Basically, it told me, "yeah, we know you want to join, we just havent decided if we want you to join." Well, jokes on you, Pinterest! Robin is going to invite me. I'm backdooring my way in. It's like when you were 16 and had to have a friend who was already 17 buy your ticket to the R-rated movie. I mean, what I bet that was like. I never did that. I only watched Disney movies.

Well, I'm off to follow the bus (which defeats the reason I have my kids ride on the bus) because Caroline almost hyperventilated about the supposed new route. She's afraid they won't bring her home. Trust me, if she freaks out like that on the bus, she will be the first stop.

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