Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolutions-0, New Year-3

So . . . it's Thursday and my plan (resolution) to blog consistently is already on the downhill slide. I have a couple of "good reasons" (like being a fun mom and focusing on my kids Tuesday since it was their last day of vacation and then the reentry backlash of the first day back, but according to The Biggest Loser, we are in the season of no excuses, so you can ignore those).

Failed resolution 2 . . . getting up before my husband and kids so I can have some quiet time and get prepared for the day. Hmmm . . . let's just say the wailing and gnashing of teeth yesterday morning weren't all from those 10 and under.

Make all lunches the night before--strike 3.

I did get up this morning and work out and I didn't go back to bed when I got home (not that I have ever done that in the past, ahem). I am blogging now and was showered before 8. Perhaps there is hope for this new year after all.

(Oh, and technically, I never make ACTUAL resolutions because that is just a set up for failure and I HATE to fail. I tend to come up with a word for the year and some ideals to shoot for. Much easier to live with myself that way come March or June or January 5th.)

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