Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas recap (part 1 because getting these few pics up was a beating)

Dear Mac computer . . . I miss you. Trying to work a PC is no fun. Please help me clear some space up on your hardrive so I never have to load pictures like this again. Love, Rachel

Our Christmas happened in 3 parts: My family, our family, and Josh's family. The kids' expectations may never be righted. In fact, Sascha keeps asking when our next Christmas is. Santa only came Christmas Eve/morning, but here are a few shots of Christmas with our families. I literally had to reopen 4 folders and find the picture I wanted for each time. For whatever reason, uploading multiple pics at once was not an option, so in order to NOT spend my ENTIRE day doing this. Here are a selected few. The kids had a wonderful time and were grateful and content and excited which makes it 10 times more fun to give them stuff. Sascha could NOT have had more Christmas excitement and spirit. She and Bo are my carol-loving soul mates.

 The boys decided to wear their suits to my parents. So cute.

 Poor Sassy was so sick.

 She kind of rallied for presents.
 In front of Josh's parents' house. This was our best shot before going to his Nonnie's house.

 (this is what most of them looked like)

 Waiting to open presents Christmas Eve at Mimi and Grandpa's

I had just asked, "Who's ready to go downstairs and see if Santa came?!"

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  1. Super cute in their Christmas PJs!

    Happy New Year!