Saturday, September 3, 2011

White flag

Dear Sascha and Bo,

It's Mommy. I'm hiding right now and waving my white flag of surrender.

I don't know what your terms are. I really don't care.

Later bed time? Sure.

No broccoli at dinner? No problem.

Cookies in bed? Great idea!

Just please cease and desist all other plans to drive me crazy. It's a short trip and I feel like I am just an exit away.

Metallic purple fingernail polish on the carpet, locking the bathroom door to eat Skittles, breaking into Daddy's office, spraying Scrubbing Bubbles in your head hurts.

I love you both a lot. I'm sure God has wonderful plans for your creative, artistic, clever, sneaky, and innovative ways.

But today they have made me tired.

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