Friday, September 2, 2011

A few things I would like to share

here are some random observations/thoughts from my week . . .

#1- Sneezing while going into a curve on a 2 lane road busy with carpool lines is risky and frightening and a little thrilling to survive.

#2- You really CANNOT keep your eyes open when you sneeze.

#3- I may have some control issues. (I realized this when I announced to Josh that I would rather my cyst explode inside of me and cause all sorts of pain than go under general anesthesia to have it removed.)

#4- My control realization was not really a new one, more of a confirmation.

#5- It's hot outside.

#6- UGA and Arkansas both play their 1st football games of the season tomorrow and I. AM. GIDDY.

#7- My 7 year old questioned my intelligence and schooling when I didn't know the answer to his pine tree question. It was the first and only time I have ever thought maybe I should have been more involved in my leaf project in 10th grade.

#8- Then I remembered that pine trees don't have leaves, they have needles so I rescinded my previous thought. That project wouldn't have helped me.

#9- I vow every morning as I drag myself out of bed to go to bed earlier that night.

#10- I never do.

#11- I am going to end on an odd number, just to prove that I can.

#12- Or maybe I can't.

#13- I certainly can't end on 13 . . .

#14- Please see #3 and #4 for a hint on why trying to end a list on a non integer of 5 would bother me.

#15- OH! I just correctly (I think) used the word and concept integer. HA! I have to go brag to my 7 year old. (Or feel really stupid when he corrects me.)

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