Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's the first day (again)

Today is Bo's first day of school! The sweet thing is so excited that he told me he would just go ahead and get in the car and wait there while I got Sascha out of bed and dressed.

He was so happy and ready and gung ho, that I couldn't even get emotional about it. Sometimes there's not room for even the bittersweet tears.

Although, if I think about it too long I could get all tuned up since I was pregnant with him when Caroline started her Pre-K program at Asbury.

And now that in-utero love is there as a Transitional Kindergardener.

In order to keep my grief at bay, Sascha and I went to Panera to celebrate with my latest obsession--Cinnamon Crunch Bagels. I only go maybe once a week and I limit myself to one. They are to die for even if carbs are soooo uncool (back in the day, bread was the way to go if you were watching your figure, because it was low fat and so I may or may not have consumed more bagels a day than recommended during high school and college--hmmm, perhaps that was where the freshman 15 and sophoMORE weight came from).

Now Sassy and I are back home, trying to figure out what to do when there are no fights to break up. I am soooo looking forward to our time together. I've never been alone with her on a regular basis. (Actually, I haven't been one on one with a kid since Caroline was 1.....new territory, folks!! So fun!)

Here are some pics from our morning:

 He's so big!

 But not as big as his backpack!

He loves seeing his name!!

Saw our buddies on the way out

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  1. The backpack is huge!! Hope he had a good first day!