Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well apparently 4th grade can be as dramatic as Bachelor Pad

Caroline got in the car yesterday with all sorts of news . . . she did not get Student Council Secretary--a boy did, who, by the way, she says is NOT responsible and totally got it because he was the only boy running, so all the boys voted for him.

I think they call that sexism. Or, in elementary school, a smart way to win if you are confident in being a boy secretary. (Which obviously he is since that was the ticket he ran on.)

And then the REAL drama hit:

Caroline: Mommy?!

Me: Yes?

Caroline: You know (she said a name, but I will protect the truly innocent)?!

Me: Yep

Caroline: Well, her boyfriend, (I will be kind and protect the guilty) CHEATED ON HER AND SHE FOUND OUT!!

Me: (struggling between laughter and disbelief, because how can you cheat on someone in 4th grade?!) Um, How do you cheat on someone in the 4th grade?

Caroline: Weeeeelllllll, I'm not sure, like I think he asked another girl from another school or maybe even STATE to be his girlfriend too and she totally found out about it and broke up with him on the playground.

Me: Wow. That's rough.

Caroline: Yeah, she said she knew all about the other girl and he said he didn't care and so she broke up with him and then he called her the b-word.

Me: (silently chanting "keep it cool, keep it cool") ummmm, what b-word? Butt?

Caroline: Nope. The one that rhymes with ditch.

Me: Oh, so you know that one, huh?

Caroline: Yeah, and she's so not one. She's like the nicest person.

Me: Yes, she is. So, apparently, you know what it means, too.

Caroline: Well, some girls who were witnesses, I wasn't a witness, told Ms. Lewis and she's interviewing them tomorrow. And, I mean, HE'S A ROOM REP!!! (said with such indignation) There's NO WAY they can let him stay a rep if he is cheating on her and called her that!

And it was here that I reached a fork in my mind . . . should I
a) burst her bubble about our political figures and the history of infidelity that often goes along with them
b) let both of our brains settle down from the shock and trauma of the great 4th grade break-up?

I mainly went with b and said, "Care-unfortunately, even our elected officials make choices that we wish made them not our reps anymore, but sometimes they get to stay in office even if they don't deserve it. Want an ice cream cone?"

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