Monday, June 27, 2011

I am a puddle on the floor


sniff. sniff.


My baby went to camp today. For a WHOLE WEEK. She is sleeping there and eating there and playing there and I am here.

How can my baby be old enough to go to sleepover camp?! I think there was a mistake and I should go back and get her.

I have been putting it off in my mind and with my emotions for as long as I could. I've bought things here and there to get her ready and pretended the day would never really come.

But yesterday, we couldn't put it off anymore, so we sent the little peeps downstairs and put on a movie while we packed her trunk.

For some reason (a not well thought out one), we chose Father of the Bride to watch. So while we packed her for a week of camp, I held in tears realizing that as quickly as the last 9 years have gone, the whole wedding thing would be here fast too. You don't realized how many tear inducing lines Steve Martin has until you are trying NOT to cry over your baby leaving you.

Then today came. She and I loaded the 2 of us and her gear into the burb and headed for camp. We sang and held hands and laughed and enjoyed being alone. We shared a soccer chair while we waited in line for registration. We made her bed and set up her area. We hugged goodbye and may or may not have clung to each other as if a week was a year. Then I left and she stayed.

We put on brave faces for each other and I stole a glimpse of her about 10 minutes later and she seemed ok. I, however, boohooed in the lonely, empty suburban. I got myself a Diet Coke and contemplated going back and spending the week with her.  Since that wasn't really an option, I just kept driving home and cried off and on.

She is probably already 100% fine. I am so so so so excited for her and I know that she will have a blast and probably NOT want to come home on Saturday.


And when I get there Friday night . . . okay, I will wait til Saturday . . . when I get there Saturday, I am dragging her home with me and not letting her out of my sight for as long as she can stand me.

Until then . . . I will be on pins and needles wondering what she is doing and how she is doing and missing her.

Here are some pics of our day......


  1. 1. Holy cow. I will never be prepared for this myself. It is all happening too fast anyway. Don't tell me about camp. That's too much.
    2. She is really a precious looking girl.
    3. You are hot. I mean it. Josh, are you reading this? Your wife is hot.
    4. Good luck this week! I'm sure she'll be great!
    The end.

  2. Loved your story! I need to read your blog more often! Proud of you for letting her go. I don't think I can do
    It when Connor gets that age. I'll probably have to tell him that all summer camps have closed for good :)

  3. Camilla . . . you are CRACKING me up! keep trying to comment on your blog but there is a cookie issue. (which i don't get bc i LOVE cookies!) tell Caroline to finish her story FAST . . . i am hooked!!!!!!!

  4. Oh goodness--that's tough! I'll be thinking about you this week! I bet she's going to have SO much fun though!! I used to love summer camp (we went to Siloam Springs). I'd call home and even write my parents letters (which probably arrived after I got home-ha!). My younger sister, however, would wave bye on Monday and not bother calling all week. :) I hope she has a great time. If it's too quiet around there please feel free to stop by my
    house and borrow a child for a few hours. :)