Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stupid, stupid autoflush

Monday morning, Sascha woke up and decided to potty train herself. She refused to teetee in her pullup and was doing awesome! We were all laughing that only Sascha would potty train herself this quickly and stubbornly. Then came the kicker request, "Mommy!! I need to go poopoo in the potty!!"

You should know that we were in the car.

You should also know that I have a really big phobia of public restrooms-only use them when I HAVE too and hate taking our kids in them because they touch everything.

Lucky for us, Josh was also in the car and he wheeled into the first available public facility. They rushed to the potty with anticipation only a parent of four ready to kiss diapers goodbye forever can. He sat her down, ready to cheer for poopoo as only a parent....well you get the idea!

But before the blessed event could happen.....


The autoflush flushed and scared the ..... well, actually,!it scared the you know what back into her!

And she is done. When we put her on the potty now, she cries and says, "NO! Potty scary!!"

Thank you autoflush for an indefinite number of diapering days ahead.

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  1. Have you seen those potties you can keep in your car that have little baggies to catch the pee/poop? Might not be worth the investment if you are about to potty train your last kiddo but I am seriously considering getting one just to avoid the public restroom scenario altogether...