Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Confessions

It's summer and I am not thinking in paragraph form, so here are a few of the fleeting thoughts that have run through my vegged out brain . . .

*Jake and Vienna on The Bachelor Pad?! Yes, please!! Seriously, if they want to televise more of their entertaining and pathetic drama, I can be talked into watching that train wreck.

*What kind of sad world do we live in where I get excited about $3.28/gallon gas?! I actually thought to myself, "Closer to $2 than $4!!" Oh how I miss the Quick Trip on Lawrenceville Highway and the day I could fill up my little Honda there for $0.69/gallon. I can't even get 4 gallons for what I used to pay total back in the day.

*And how old am I for using the phrases "I remember when gas was . . . " and "back in the day"?

*I am sad to report that even after a week at the beach I am pale. Age has doubly cursed me . . . I am no longer able to get tan just thinking about the sun and I am paranoid after having 2 moles removed and sprayed myself over and over again.

*Speaking of pale and at the beach . . . I used a Hawaiian Tropic lotion with micromineral something or another that kind of made me sparkle and I looked like Edward Cullen in the sun. If you aren't a Twilight fan, that will be lost on you, but I got a chuckle out of it.

*I am in home redecorating mode. It happens to me every so often and I can't stop obsessing with moving things around and adding a few new accessories here and there.

*I have no clever way of wrapping this all up.

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