Thursday, March 29, 2012

He's a hitter

Some of you have already seen this pic on facebook. And I tried to upload my video of his at bat, but for technical reasons beyond my control (ie, I was too challenged to figure it out), you won't get to endure my screaming. And boy was there screaming. So take a minute and thank God that I have issues getting things from one apple device to another.

Could you not just eat that up with a spoon? I think I am in love. And, to my surprise, I think I love being a baseball mom (I already loved being a baseball sister-in-law, Uncle Will, really). And I think, if we can get Tru to focus on catching fly balls and not the flies and moths that are attracted to the big lights, he may be good at it. He has GREAT hand-eye coordination and a great arm. And he is just so dadgum cute in that uniform too. I am looking forward to the rest of the season . . . even if we pull a Patriots and go 0-fer.

(And can we stop for another minute and thank God that thus far I have not cursed any of my kids with my lack of athletic ability. And Mom and Dad, you don't have to tell me I was plenty talented at sports . . . I can run, I know that, but the other stuff and the dancing, just not my forte. If anyone needs proof, I can reminisce my 2nd grade soccer season for you where I ran to the stands more than the goal because I hated it, or 9th grade volleyball where, despite wearing the largest pair of glasses a 14 year old could find, I still didn't see the ball coming and they got knocked off my face, there was our 9th grade girls basketball team that could only beat the deaf school--seriously--or the 11th grade softball team where the coach would call the outfield in when I got up to bat during practice so they could work on something else since there was NO NEED FOR THEM with me up. I did however, master the art of daisy chain making in the OUT outfield and made the sweetest friendship with Jill. Sports playing was just not my thing.)

Anyway . . . we head back to Field 1 tonight for another game and I CANNOT WAIT. And maybe, if you're really lucky, I will get a video uploaded of him hitting and me yelling. (But only because Josh gets home tonight and can do it for me.)

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