Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kung Fu Tru

Tru has started Taekwondo (or karate, I get them confused . . . martial arts with belts). He is loving it and excelling at it. It's super fun to see him gaining confidence and skill in something other than the Wii! (Haha)

Last Saturday, he tested for his yellow belt. I will take a minute to brag on him because he has only been doing this a few weeks and really shouldn't have been ready to test, but being Tru, he caught on quick and impressed his teacher (coach? sensei?) and was offered the chance to test early. The kid knocked it out of the park (kicked it out of the dojo?). He did awesome--and all with an extremely loose tooth. We are super proud of him!


  1. Congratulations, Tru Bud!! I love you! Mimi

  2. SO cute my boys took Kempo for a while and loved it. I found you from Kelly's I enjoyed reading about your beautiful family