Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So, yesterday we went to the zoo.

Or the ba-zoo as Sascha kept calling it.

Until Bo corrected her and insisted it was "kazoo".

And since we went with our cousins, I decided he was right, we went to the cou-zoo. (Get it, cousins + zoo = couzoo.).

Whatever you call it, we had a blast with my aunt and uncle and 2 of their grandkids who are in town for the week. Hudson, Hendrix, Bo and Sascha fit right in with those crazy animals, and after 3 hours there, Sascha was so tired, loud, and belligerent, I thought maybe I had accidently taken home a chimpanzee.

Here are some pics from our fun day.

 Hendrix and Bo (both 5)

 Sascha (3) and Hudson (2)

 Bo was particularly fond of the penguins and they seemed to like him too!

 Hudson pulling the princess around

 Bo's impression of the giraffes 

 We watched one of them sit down . . . amazing

 Hendrix and Sascha trying to move a log

 Bo, Hudson, Sascha and Uncle Keith (or Papa as his grandbabies call him)

 Tractor, tractor, harvesting the wheat

Aunt Linda with the boys

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