Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shasha Stories

First of all, let me say that if you were in Target yesterday between 2-2:30, I am sorry--very, very sorry that you probably witnessed little sister in ALL HER GLORY. Mercy. Pray for us, please.

As maddening as times like that are, girlfriend can be funny, too! She is TERRIFIED of ants. Lizards and birds and all other creatures she will chase with glee, but an itty bitty ant turns her little self upside down. Occasionally, the weather will drive the ants in through an ant size space of the playroom door to the backyard. 8 or so ants were marching around the door and she ran upstairs SCREAMING. While comforting her, I said, "It's ok, baby." To which she replied in a most pitiful voice "I don't yike ants. I yike butterflies."

A few weeks ago when I went to pick her up from dance, Mrs. Kristen and Ms. Kaitlin had another "Sascha in ballet" story. I've come to expect Sascha stories most places I leave her, take her, or go with her, but this one, well, it captures her. To help these precious little 3-4 year old girls learn their sweet ballet recital piece, Mrs. Kristen and Ms. Kaitlin have put masking tape spots on the floor for them. Each girl could pick a little picture to go on her spot . . . anything they could imagine. So what did the little girls pick? Princesses, hearts, flowers, and sweet Sassy . . . she asked for a dragon.

My current favorite right now, however, happened Saturday. Sascha decided to "help" Tater out. I guess she thought he looked hungry, because she dumped THE WHOLE NEW BAG OF DOG FOOD into his crate. Of course, half of it also went under the washing machine. And all over the laundry room. And Tate ate untold amounts of food before Josh got him out of the laundry room. While we were cleaning up, I said, "Oh, Sascha." kind of as a sigh. And she replied, "What? You killin me, Smalls?" Josh and I both had to stop cleaning and recover from laughing. It's a little phrase from the movie The Sandlot that Josh and I use (apparently frequently) when someone is, well, killing us, so to speak. Her correct and adorable use of the phrase was just what Josh needed to get over his frustration---well played, Sascha!

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