Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'Round here . . .

(which is one of my favorite Counting Crows songs . . . don't hate--that album, uh CD, okay, I probably had it on tape, came out during a fun time of life when hips were something I wanted and bikinis were a questionable idea for a whole other reason than they are now)

I digress.

(what else is new, though, right? I don't think writing a parentheses-free blog is possible.)

Anywho . . . things around here are steady. I was telling some friends last week that I couldn't tell you the actual date, I just know that if it's Monday, I better make sure I'm caught up on groceries and laundry for the week and if it's Tuesday, I need a lot of caffeine and the burb needs a lot of gas to get the people where they belong. Wednesdays mean I need to get up earlier to get a shower before Bible study (and yes, sometimes I need a personal destination to inspire a shower in the morning). Thursdays are so amazing but require precision, staying on schedule and hitting traffic lights just right. And Fridays may mean speech therapy, preparing for dance competition or catching up from the hay-day that is Tuesday-Thursday. I can keep all of that tucked away in my brain, but throw in an event with an actual calendar date like a birthday or a doctor's appointment and I am apt to miss it or wake up in a panic several times before the right day afeared I have missed it.

This week I thought I had my stuff together . . . until the babysitter texted me that she was on her way and sorry she was running a little late.

(Imagine record coming to a screeching halt.)

Sitter? Coming to my house? But I'm not at my house. Or in need of a sitter. Unless today is my doctor's appointment. But it's not because I know it's Thursday. And today is Tuesday.

Scroll back through text messages. (Aka, my memory.)

Shoot. I scheduled the babysitter for Tuesday . . . and I need her Thursday.

Blonde mom texts back babysitter who is (thankfully) amused and also available for my ACTUAL appointment on Thursday.

Yes. I have a calendar (and I LOVE it) and a to-do list that I follow and RELISH crossing things off of.

But. Sometimes the nutrasweet from Tuesday's caffeine load bleeds into my brain space and I lose it for a bit.

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