Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Judge me if you want to, but . . .

I must devote a post to The Bachelor.

I almost don't know where to start.

Let me say, though, that if I really cared about the BEST fit based on families and personalities, I would tell Ben to choose Lindsay. (Since I am sure my opinion matters to him.) She is precious and beautiful and fun and seems normal and her family seems like a great fit with Ben.

Kacie B owes her daddy big time. I hope that somewhere in Tennessee tonight they are celebrating what a great job he did protecting her. And in a few short weeks when Ben's "relationship" falls apart immediately after "After the Final Rose", she will not be the one humiliated and hurt and plastered all over the tabloids. (But FYI, if your dad is a teetotaler and old fashioned when it comes to dating, perhaps, just perhaps, dating a wine maker you met on a reality dating show infamous for hook-ups and break-ups is NOT going to over well with him and maybe, just maybe, you should have seen his disapproval coming. )

Sorry, Nikki, I just don't see it. At all. I think you owe Kacie's daddy big time too.

And now, to Courtney. I am fairly certain that he will choose her. Because he is a stupid boy who canNOT get past the line under her name that says "Model".  Because she is good GREAT at showing skin to distract him when he begins to get suspicious about her true colors. But seriously the faux wedding? And could she and her mom make any more of the same sour puss expressions? And I am almost certain they have as little personality as Courtney. And really? If those girls were catty about everyone, then maybe Ben should ignore them, but when EVERY OTHER GIRL YOU "HAVE A CONNECTION WITH" TELLS YOU COURTNEY IS THE SHE-DEVIL YOU MIGHT WANT TO LISTEN.

I must admit that I am intrigued by the previews for next week . . . I mean Switzerland, more Courtney drama and a surprise visit from someone?!?!?!?!?! Truly, this may be the MOST DRAMATIC SEASON EVER.

And I will end with this little observation. (Let's pretend these girls read my blog.) You have chosen to go through (what I imagine) is a fairly extensive interview process, possible psych evaluation, legal debriefing and signed untold contracts, disclaimers and the like and have probably watched at least one of the previous debacles seasons before agreeing to be 1 of 25 girls chasing shamelessly after the same guy while drinking insane amounts of alcohol and going on dates in groups where you ALL take turns kissing him. (The poor girl who kisses him last . . . I hope he sprays Binaca in between each girl.) During all of the prepping for the show and watching of the show, did you really miss the part where there were going to be 24 other girls? I'm just not sure how to help these poor souls in the limo being carted off can really say, "How did this happen? Just last night we were making out in Brazil and now I'm going home? How could this be happening? I really loved him (after 2 group dates and 3 cocktail parties) and could really see myself as his wife!"

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  1. You kill me! I don't watch the Bachelor, but I do so enjoy your summing up of its craziness. Makes me smile.