Monday, February 27, 2012

Pop Culture

Pop Culture Confessions:

I love movies and books and US/People magazine.

I love books that turn into good movies so much that I went (with several of my ultra cool friends) to a Twilight Marathon in November and watched all 4 released Twilight movies back to back. The last time I was up that late, I was administering breathing treatments to my toddler.

I am SO STINKIN EXCITED for The Hunger Games movie that I find myself frequently listening to the Taylor Swift song from the soundtrack. And I have already made plans to go to that midnight show in 3 weeks!!

(And if you have NOT read The Hunger Games, I highly suggest you march yourself to the nearest book selling location and buy all 3. Then, before you start the first one, make sure there is enough food and clean clothes for about a week and kiss you family goodbye. You won't regret it. They are captivating and emotional and thought provoking. Maybe one day I will do my analysis of the books, but you should know that simply on an entertainment level they are AMAZING!)

I LOVE Oscar night. Josh and I had a red carpet party before we had kids . . . complete with ballots and prizes and movie-themed foods. But these days we are a little more low-key about the night. I printed off ballots for he and I and we had a little competition between ourselves. I don't want to rub it in, but let's just say that I don't have to make school lunches several days this week. It was a fun night. I looooved Octavia Spencer's reaction. I was bummed for George Clooney. I think that no matter how good he does, the Academy just can't give him the Oscar.

Caroline and I laid on the couch and watched the Red Carpet together . . . Dear Lord, please freeze her right now!

I am showing amazing restraint and have TWICE passed up the chance to buy US Magazine this week with COURTNEY ON THE COVER. I am using my self control and plan on just watching her tonight (and get in the longest line at the grocery/Target every time so that I can eventually get through the entire article).


  1. Send me your address. I subscribe to Us Weekly and will send you the Courtney mag when I'm done. I don't watch the show but have seen about 1/2 of two different episodes just to watch her crazy in action. It is something to see!

  2. I read the Hunger Games on the way back. I didn't start until we got to B'ham. It was the shortest trip ever. I looked up in Montgomery, albany and the light on Tallokas!! I bought #2 today!!

  3. Camila . . . I will inbox you my address . . . you sweet thing!
    Mimi . . . I will send you the 3rd one--dont buy it!

  4. Love love love the Hunger Games. I usually steer clear of pop culture books, but really ate these up. And I did eventually read all the Twilight books and loved those too. Haven't seen all the movies...RedBox hates me and always gives me scratched Twilight movies. But I think the HG movies will be interesting.