Monday, November 1, 2010

New Math

Here is a word problem I got to solve today . . .
Q: There are 15 cups in one bucket and 8 buckets in one what?
A: One really stupid washing machine.

Last year our washing machine broke and we went to Home Depot to buy a new one. We sort of agreed on one (I wanted nicer, Josh wanted cheaper). Reluctantly, we ordered it and waited amongst piles of dirty laundry for the new machine to arrive. We waited and we waited and when Josh called to see where they were, OOPS, they forgot to order it and it would be at least another week.

Here is some more math for you, how many loads of laundry do 6 people go through in a week? Too much to wait for a machine I wasn't excited about anyway. So we told them to forget it and we would go somewhere else. Miraculously, when it looked like they had lost our business, there were a few machines in stock at the very store we were in--not our exact washer, though, a slightly more expensive one! Desperate to start washing clothes again (now there's a phrase I never thought I would type), I agreed to the one they had even though it wasn't a brand I liked. They could get it to us soon. They were sooo sorry. I am a sucker.

They brought us our new and improved machine and then had to load it back on to the truck because it was damaged. They went back to the store and got another new and improved machine (why did I ignore all the omens?!). Now here we are, 13 months later, 1 month past our warranty, solving math problems in the laundry room while wearing rain boots and sopping up water that somehow made it all the way to the garage.

Here is my next math problem . . . how too work a new washing machine into our budget the month before Christmas!

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