Thursday, November 18, 2010

He said, she said

Bo and Sascha are both at great ages where they say things that are almost right and way to cute to correct! Here are a few of my favorites (and their translations) . . .

"Will you buckle me off?" (Will you unbuckle my carseat?)
"Can I to have a purple towel?" (I need a paper towel.)
"Can I to hold you?" (Will you hold me?)
"Yook, Caroyline, that you school bus!" (For EVERY bus we see!)
"Hi, Mommy! I had a good nap!" (This is what he says when he wakes up....even in the morning.)

"That you rink?" (Is that your drink?)
"Dat our Tardet! YAY! Our Tardet!" (Is that our Target? YAY! Our Target!)
"Pubup" (Pull up)
"Oh, my piddy!" (Oh, a hair bow, known as a pretty around our house.)
"Fire ***k" (Fire truck . . . yes, we now call them fire engines and so sorry for those in Chik-Fil-A who were unable to translate . . . the little boys name is Tucker, despite what it sounded like she called him!)

They are not easy kids by ANY stretch of the imagination . . . 
but they are easy to love and so dadgum cute and cuddly! 

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