Friday, October 29, 2010

Because you can't make this up . . .

Today, Tru received the Character Kids Award. Every month, there is a character trait that the school emphasizes and then at the end of the month, 2 kids are chosen from each class who best exemplify the trait. This month, Ms. Cunningham chose Tru as the class ambassador of . . . (dramatic pause) . . . RESPONSIBILITY. (If you know Tru well, please feel free to stop reading, laugh as hard and as long as you need to, and then return to the blog. We did.) This morning as I drove Mr. Responsibility to school, he had a hysterical meltdown as we pulled into the parking lot because he did not have his backpack. This oversight occurred because he was running late this morning and had to put on his socks and shoes in the car. He was running late this morning because he forgot to do some of his homework and was quickly trying to finish as he ate his breakfast. Can I just say that if he is one of the two most responsible students in his 1st grade class, I do not spend enough time praying for dear, sweet Ms. Cunningham.

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  1. Found your blog on FB!! Hilarious!! Hope you enjoy your has become such a hobby and creative outlet for me! Your kids alone will give you much to blog about!!:)

    See you Sunday