Friday, November 5, 2010

Wicked Awesome

This is Caroline with the Wizard . . . you know, the wonderful one . . . behind the curtain . . . in the Emerald City.

Last night, Josh and I got to take Caroline to see Wicked. Wow. It was AMAZING!! From the moment the curtain went up until it went down, we were all captivated.

Caroline is on a musical theatre dance team and often lives her life as if it is a musical, singing her answers and dancing around our house. So last year when we were offered the chance to go to a brunch promoting Wicked's run in Little Rock, I did not think twice about checking that girl out of school and enjoying some muffins and songs. She was hooked and spent the next several months asking when tickets went on sale.

There are times in life when the actual event does not meet your expectations and anticipation, but this was not one of them. It is an amazing story with a beautiful and important message coupled with songs you wish you had a Broadway voice to sing, lots of humor, and clever details. When we got out to the car, Josh was marking his play bill up with all of the songs he wanted to download . . . I think I will just buy the soundtrack because I am not fancy and technological. Plus, the Wicked (2003 Original Broadway Cast) has Kristen Chenoweth on it and I ADORE her!!

Have you ever been somewhere like that and been equally annoyed and charmed by someone sitting in front of you? There was a couple in front of us who were probably in their 50's. He was SO TALL (annoyance #1, although I know he couldn't help it) and she was so small. When he looked straight ahead, I could see just fine. But when he turned his head sideways, the angle didn't work for me. After intermission, he could not quit staring at his date (I have no idea if they were married or not). He would stare and stare at her watching the musical (annoyance #2, but also SO sweet). One of the last songs is called "For Good" where Elphaba (aka, Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda sing a sweet tribute to their unexpected friendship and how they have been changed for good by each other. I was distracted, however, by this couple in front of me who stared into each other's eyes throughout the entire song and then, dramatically toward the end put their heads together. It was sweet, a little private, and a little annoying because I couldn't see Elphaba and Glinda singing to each other. But what a great thing to be distracted by because they seemed to have such a sweet, tender adoration for each other.

And, as if Caroline needed more sass, she picked up a new move, which I have to say, she is quite good at. I present to you . . . the hair flip . . .

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