Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flour thy name is crack

So many one liners come to mind when I ponder my relationship with flour . . .

"Why can't I quit you?"

"You had me at hello."

and most recently . . .

"Houston, we have a problem."

I have been in baking mode this week (muffins and bread) and can't seem to keep my hands to myself.

(Which may lead to some handle problems around my middle.)

Right now, I am searching for a good loaf bread recipe that is not too involved. No luck yet, but it's fun trying. I even found a recipe for making my own yeast--not going to happen, but kind of cool to know how.

And in other Bass family news, Sascha got her first haircut today. Well, first official haircut at a real hairplace and not on my bedroom floor while she watched Bugs Bunny on my phone. She was pretty excited to go see Mr. Tony like the big kids do--she even chose some church shoes for the event. It looks healthy and cute and went WAAAAAAY better than Josh and I anticipated (since she has to be put in various wrestling holds to even brush her hair.)

I would show you pictures but my computer is complaining that I have too many pictures already saved on it and is refusing to look at even one more until I make some room on the hard drive. I would be frustrated but I sort of get it because that's how I feel about Josh's sock drawer.

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