Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School?!

I'm sorry. Did summer seem too short to anyone else? I am so sad that it is over . . . how is that even possible? But here we are, mid-August, starting back to school.

Apparently, someone flipped Caroline and Tru's academic switch in the middle of the night, because on my way home from the gym at 5:55, Caroline was texting me that she was awake and showered and had made her bed and all she needed to do was eat and dry her hair but Daddy wouldn't let her and oh, by the way, Tru was up too.


I rarely saw that child's face before 10 this summer and she is up and ready on her own before 6?

It did make for one of the best 1st days ever because there was no whining or complaining about how early it was. (I'm sure that will start tomorrow.)

So here we (Bo, Sascha and I) sit . . . caffeinated and ready for lunch because we've been up for half a day already. I have commented on more facebook posts and pictures than I usually do in a week, started some laundry, read my Bible, gotten down puzzles, posted this blog, played hide and seek and danced to the Wiggles--all this and Regis and Kelly hasn't even started. Ahhh, school days.

Here are some pics from our great morning. I cannot believe they are in 2nd and 4th grade. Where does the time go?

2nd grader, Tru, with his camo "satch"

4th grader, Caroline

Mags and Caroline, together again
(Maggie dropped by the room early on Thursday and saw that she and Caroline were seated close together. Apparently her VERY excited response about their proximity prompted Mrs. McBride to wisely move Caroline to the other side of the room.)

 Mrs. McBride and Care . . . we are super excited about the year with her!

Ms. Mac wth Tru Bud . . . we have heard wonderful things about her teaching; Tru (in true Tru form) is smitten and has already told us, "I can't take my eyes off her!" Let's hope he can break out of his daze to learn something this year!


  1. Holy early bird! What time do you get to the gym!?! I am TRYING TRYING TRYING to wake up early to work out. It is hit or miss. This post gives me a good virtual kick in the rear!