Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diverted post

I had planned on sharing about our weekend jaunt to Austin, but my phone won't send the pictures to my computer.

I am taking this as a blogging sign that I should let you in on my most recent very guilty pleasure.

This requires transparency on my part. Not all of you will agree with my choice; I hope that none of you lose respect for me. The truth is, I am a deep person who enjoys literature, writing, reading the Bible and before this post, I was allowed to serve in our church from time to time. I have a heart for those who are hurting and love being a mom to my four kids. I try to feed them healthy foods, raise them right and have favorite activities with each of them, including reading Sandra Boynton's bedtime stories for active children with Sascha at night.

See. I am a lovely person.

A lovely person who CANNOT WAIT for next Monday night's episode of Bachelor Pad because 3 hours last night just wasn't enough.

There were more train wrecks in that show than I can count. I think that the characters of 90210 (the original show, I am ignoring Fox's new attempt at televising "life" in Beverly Hills) would be shocked at the dysfunction and cattiness of the "adults" in the pad.

And really, Vienna, really? I'm embarrassed for you. First of all, YOU (and that poor sap, Kasey) are the only people convinced that Jake is a monster. Loser? Yes. Monster? No. He doesn't have the kahunas to be a monster.

And, Kasey? Oh buddy. I thought the guard and protect tattoo was the ultimate humiliating low for you. I was so, so wrong. You (and your "extra 30 pounds of pure muscle") make me cringe. Your friends are even worse friends than the ones who let those really, really bad singers audition for American Idol without giving them a heads up that they really should NOT sing outside of the shower.

And just so you know . . . yes, I am also embarrassed for myself because I am intrigued. Who are these people? I am sorry that they do not have more self worth than to constantly put themselves on ABC's series of disaster reality shows for people like me to gawk at.

Ok. I am debating whether or not to hit post. This may be a polarizing moment. I fear that the next time I open my blog, my followership will be down to 10.

But this is me, folks. My name is Rachel and I love the Bachelor Pad.

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  1. hahaha! I love bad TV too. I have not tried the Bachelor Pad but it is because I am too busy with Kardashians, Big Rich Texas, and Real Housewives. I know I should be ashamed.