Friday, December 9, 2011

Why I might be heading to the nut house

(although that might kill me . . . really . . . since I recently discovered that I have developed an allergy to nuts--especially almonds--which makes me sad because I love nuts--I mean look who I married--hahahaha. But seriously, like I am epi-pen carrying allergic to nuts now. Who knew you could go from nut lover to nut victim?)

But that is not the point of this post. The point is to apologize for skipping 2 days and give you a taste of day to day life here.

* Sascha has changed what she wants from Santa DAILY. MULTIPLE TIMES DAILY! From Bo's school to her babysitter's yesterday it changed 4 times--"Foofa, no . . .  Yo Gabba Gabba toys, no . . .  Smurfette, no . . . Papa Smurf . . . "

* The following statements have been said this week at our house (some repeatedly)
     - "Bo, you cannot hang a bungee cord from the top cabinet and swing from it!"
     - "Bo, please do not put the bungee cord around your neck!"
(I know, I know, why does he even have access to a bungee cord?!)
     - "Sascha, please do not choke your brother!"
     - "Only Mommy can stand on the top of the chair to put the star on!"
     - "Bo, please do not pick your nose and eat the boogers."
(Sorry, but I am nothing if not honest about our life!)
     - "Sascha, please tell me that is mud and not poo poo on your clothes!"
(It was mud. Sigh of relief!)
Have a sane weekend . . . I know we are going to try to.

But I'm not holding my breath.

Unless someone is breathing peanut butter breath on me.

(I'm looking at you, Josh. Do you want me to die?! Don't answer that.)

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  1. Wait a second. This deserves its own full post. How does one go from no nut allergies to nut allergies. And carrying an epi-pen at that! That is major! What are the signs? How does it happen?