Wednesday, October 10, 2012


we have been under the weather for weeeeeeks now and i'm not gonna lie--i'm so sick of it, i have lost the ability to use proper grammar and capitalization.

we've gone from the great cough of 2012 to two rounds of strep to the WORST sinus infection/cold I have ever heard josh have (there are animals from near and really, really far who have heard his nose blowing and thought they were being wooed to mate). now caroline has some stomach bug-like thing that i think i may have had over the weekend . . . no. fun.

so--in order to NOT bum yall out with my sob story and pity party, here is a link to a blog i wrote for our church's women's blog. i meant it back in the spring when i wrote it . . . and yesterday, i chuckled when i read it because i needed the reminder right. then. too.

Enough blog link

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