Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bo Bo

2 weeks ago we celebrated our sweet, sweet Bo Bo. This post has been in my head and heart for the last 14 days, I am just not in a daily blog place . . . wish I were.

Anywho, we had a blast celebrating him! He is 150% into superheroes . . . Batman and Spiderman in particular. So we took a chance on a nice Arkansas, fall day and booked a pavilion at a local park. Thank the Lord the day was BEAUTIFUL and the kids ran around on the playground and fought off bad guys. I had this really cute idea to have Josh or Caroline steal the cake and let the kids fight them with silly string for it, but I got a mild case of stage fright and it wasn't pulled off quite the way I imagined it. Oh well. The kids loved the park and the cake and that's all that matters!!

Then, on Thursday, we woke Bo up singing Happy Birthday and gave him his presents from us along with the traditional Bass family donut breakfast. His presents were ALL Spiderman themed and he was pretty darn happy about it!

I checked that angel out for lunch (at 10:15, because that is his lunch, so really, I checked him out for brunch!) and we met my parents at Cracker Barrel . . . he had planned his birthday lunch 6 weeks earlier!! Can you even stand how cute he is?

Finally, some therapy and Razorback Pizza and one more Spiderman cupcake and this birthday boy was worn out and ready for bed!

Oh. My. Heart.

Sweet Bo, you are such a light in our family. You have passion and joy that are hard to contain. I am so thankful I get to me your mommy. You have taught me so much about perseverance and functioning even under less than ideal circumstances. I am so proud of how hard you work in therapy to learn how to express yourself and to overcome your sensory issues. Mrs Lauren and Mrs Natalie are always bragging on you.

I can't believe that you are 6 years old and in kindergarten! I am blown away with how well you are adjusting and doing. You are so smart and a great reader and Mrs. Shelton says that you work hard to please and do the right thing. I love the way you bound out of bed every morning, ready to tackle the day with that great smile on your face. It melts my heart.

I know that God has great things for you. You win hearts over left and right and dive head first into what is asked of you. I cannot wait to see the man he has created you to be . . . and each step along the way thrills me too!

Looking at the picture of us in your bed cuddling reminds me of another thing I am grateful for . . . as I learn more and more about the way God made you, I am SO incredibly thankful that He allowed you to need hugs and snuggles to ease your sensory issues. What a gift to know that my touch actually benefits you . . . your touch is also soothing and comforting to me. A hug from you can turn my day around.

Bo, we are so so glad you are our Bo Bass and are so incredibly proud of you. Happy 6th Birthday!!!
I love you to pieces!


  1. Happy Birthday, Bo! What precious children, Rachel. I LOVE that picture of you two cuddling. It almost made me tear up.

    1. Awww, thanks! One of my favs too :)