Monday, October 1, 2012

A Favor

So . . . I started reading this book called Happier At Home. It's by the lady who wrote the Happiness Project and it's not so much about reaching a happiness goal as it is finding ways to be happier where ever you find yourself in life. I'm not finished with the book (or that goal), but so far, I would totally recommend it. And I am finding out some stuff about myself--good and bad . . . I am discovering that as much as I feel accomplished by the multitasking (and I am proud of my binder and laminated daily lists and all), I actually like things simpler. I have declared Tuesdays to be no activity days and instead we play at our house, outside, with neighbors, have a friend over, and (most importantly) eat together as a complete family at a reasonable hour and have time for games or conversation. It's my new favorite day of the week. And I have started my fall cleaning and baffled Josh by my giddiness over empty drawers in the kitchen. (It means we don't have junk we don't need crowding the drawers. Happy sigh.)

By now, you are either bored. Or done. Or wondering why I am telling you all of this. (Again) And I DO have a point. I took a 3 day Facebook fast and guess what I discovered? Facebook stresses me out. Not all of the time . . . just when I read that 16 people on my feed have barfing kids and 23 have kids with other illnesses. Or when I see a post that thanks everyone for their birthday wishes and I know that I never got back on to say Happy Birthday. Or when I sit in carpool line and read post after post when I could be working on something productive and I wish I had that 25 minutes back. Facebook is a great thing, but when I reflected over the last few days, my blog was the only real reason that I had for not taking (yet another, I know) official break from it.

Hence, this post title--A Favor. I know (because google gives me blog stats) that MOST of you lovely readers click on my blog from my Facebook link. And I am grateful. But, I want to keep blogging without still FBing, so . . . would it be a huge imposition if we let technology work for us both? If you will subscribe to this blog (to the right of the post), instead of seeing it on FB, a link will show up by email. I want to continue giving you useless information, sharing shameless updates about my brood and pushing my agendas on you (hahahaha), but I also want to shut down my facebook for now.

Why not just ignore fb, you ask (or maybe you don't, but I'm going to answer as if you did)? Because I am personality defunct. I am unable to because what if someone might have asked me something by message or post and I am letting them down by not answering. I have some perfectionist in me and just have to be all or nothing about some things, so I guess I am choosing nothing for now.

So just to humor myself, I will leave this on my wall for a few days before bidding adieu to the great book of faces. And, until I return, happy birthday and congratulations and I'm so happy or sad or excited or bummed for whatever you share there!!

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  1. This is a neat post. I really identify with all aspects of the FB thing. I'm wondering if we're related...I was cleaning out a "junk drawer" in the kitchen just a few weeks ago and almost had to laugh at how happy I was to stand there and stare at the finished product. :)

    Love reading your blog!