Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beach part deux

Pretty sure I have a decent case of adult onset ADD these days . . . I start unloading the dishwasher and think about the laundry and pull clothes out of the dryer only to remember I need to send an email and somehow, usually end up tripping over the open dishwasher and thinking bad words as I rub my shin and try to remember what I came in the kitchen for in the first place.

The beach part 2 blog is no exception. I fully intended on writing this the very next day, but . . . SQUIRREL! (Only people who have seen Up can truly appreciate that.)

So . . . we loaded the burb back up (this time with a pack-n-play and minus dance costumes) and headed to Moultrie, GA to see Josh's side of the family. We were all well (yay) and excited to spend a few days in Mo-town before heading back to the beach (ah, what a hard life we were living).

But, alas, the curse of the sick followed us and poor John Tyler was running 102 fever by dinner. Such a bummer. Sweetest kid ever, though, because until you picked him up and burned your hands (it got up to 104 I think), you would never have known he was sick. And, this is the gospel truth, I was so wanting him to figure out that Aunt Rachel is the bomb (or wants to be the bomb aunt) that I even shared a Frostie with his sick self. I figure at 11 months, ice cream is a great bribery tool.

We had fun seeing friends and family in Georgia and after a couple of days there, we repacked and reloaded and made our way to Amelia Island. The weather was great, the beach was quiet and fun, and the company was (of course) awesome. We played games and body surfed and boogie boarded with waves that were taller than all of us. Josh, Will, Megan and I spent a morning stuffing grapes into our faces and crying laughing at how we kind of looked like Whos from Whoville. We bonded over some unwelcome house guests and the maintenance men the resort sent to help escort our furry friends out. We ate too much and Megan and I got a great massage. We enjoyed the people so much both weeks, that I only busted out one of the three books I brought one time and I didn't get more than 2 pages in before deciding it was more fun to hang out.

John Tyler's fever went away the day before we left, but he was a blast and a doll the whole time anyway. It was a great week and we were very sad to leave!!

 Frostie time

 best buds with big muscles

 Josh and the kids don't like when I put them in matching outfits for the beach or Christmas--so I trick them and pack blended outfits . . . hahahaha

 aren't we purty?

 The Southwells

 Mimi and Grandpa

 sweet kiddos and fun times

Johnny T with his Uncle Josh

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