Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurricanes and Turtles and Coughs--oh my!

Today needs to be a productive day for me, so in the spirit of list making and task accomplishing, here is a brief rundown of things we have going on today . . . 

#1-Hurricane/Tropical Depression Isaac is heading our way and we are expecting up a LOT of rain. Which, according to one report I saw, sounds good considering the drought conditions we've been under, but may be bad because the land is so dry it may have trouble accepting the water so we could have flash flooding. That makes me think of how I feel somedays when I finally lay down at night and am exhausted but can't fall asleep.

#2-Sascha and Josh found a turtle. I am a turtle's biggest cheerleader against the hare and when I see one trying to cross the street, but I was a little less than thrilled when Sascha brought him in in a box full of leaves. I am currently listening to him crunch said leaves and planting ideas in Sascha's head that his mommy is looking for him and this is just a play date. I have nothing against our little friend, but I know who will end up worrying about and caring for little T and that person's name doesn't start with a J or an S. It's kind of like when Josh grounds one of our kids from their IPod or TV right before he goes out of town and leaves me with no electronic babysitter (yes, I said it) for when the afternoons get looooong. Great in principle, but I am not happy with having to execute it.

#3-Caroline's cough is better. The doctor cleared her to go back to school tomorrow after missing an entire week. Bless. Her. Heart. Her teachers have been super sweet working with us and encouraging her. They haven't been able to definitively say what it is making her sick and ended up giving her a steroid and an antibiotic to wipe whatever it is out. Did you know steroids make people moody? Her head may have spun around last night over a discussion about what she could snack on. 

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