Monday, August 20, 2012

Boo. Hoo.

This happened this morning.

This morning my alarm clock went off and my heart started hurting. I have been dreading this day since we enrolled Bo in kindergarten last January. I had teary moments as the summer wound down, and while he and I cuddled on the couch yesterday watching Godzilla, I quietly wept into that towhead. 

Of course all Bo has seen from me are smiles and excitement. We have talked up kindergarten and bought supplies and built it up to be amazing and he was SO READY TO GO.

So, this morning, my sad heart crawled into his bed and woke him up. I fed him breakfast and tied his shoes. We took all the usual pics at the door and loaded up the car and drove to school. We got Bo settled in his class and we didn't hover. We scooted on out because 1) it's easier on him and 2) Mommy was about. to. lose it.

If I saw you in the hallway and I didn't speak or look at you, don't be offended, I was focused on not crying too loud or too ugly. I couldn't stop myself from crying, though. I have a very tender place in my heart for Bo. Every mom knows that while you love your children the same amount, you love them completely differently. Bo is such a genuinely sweet child. He is so innocent and he puts up no fronts. If he is mad, you know it. If he is happy, you know it. If he feels a wave of affection come over himself, he will tell you he loves you. And he has really worked hard to be able to function well in school. He spend 2-3 hours each week in therapies so that school (and life) would be a little easier. I feel his vulnerability more than any of my other kids' and I felt like I left my heart in Mrs. Shelton's kindergarten class.

My sweet boy ran off the bus this afternoon--declaring it awesome--and said he had a great day. He seemed happy and not too overwhelmed and went on to speech and occupational therapies where he got 2 thumbs up. I am beyond grateful to God for Bo and for a good day--a lot of prayers were uttered for him. I know that there will be hard days ahead, along with many more good ones. I am thankful for a great start for him.

In related (and just as important) news, this sweet kid started 3rd grade. Yes, you read that right, THIRD GRADE. Seriously?! He has several friends in his class, including one of the Bass family favorites, Emily!!!! They have such a great bond and we are big fans of the Matson family! Tru had a great day too, even if he is bummed by the fact that homework is probably going to pick up in 3rd grade.

 So here comes the first day picture dump:

Sascha is, by the way, very disappointed that she is not in "tool" and waivers between enjoying being the only one at home and missing having them around to hit. (My paraphrase of her words.) I am ready to soak up some time with her. It will be the first time since Tru was born that I have only one at home for more than a few weeks. Crazy to imagine--my blog title is right, the years are FLYING . . .

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