Friday, June 22, 2012

Lovin the Aunt life

Almost one year ago, Josh and I loaded up the car and hauled our kiddos to south Georgia to await the birth of our first nephew, John Tyler. It was, without a doubt, one of the sweetest times of my life. I love that baby boy so much and was so excited to be an aunt!! Aunts get to spoil kids rotten and love all over them and have this unconditional, near-parental adoration for them, but then we hand them back and sleep through the night.

A couple of months later, my sister had her first baby. A sweet baby boy named Davis who happens to love his Aunt RayRay (see, Aunt love right there, I don't even care that he is being trained to call me RayRay.) My sister is back in Little Rock after years in Georgia and it has been such a blessing to finally be in a stage of life together and see our kids loving each other. I am beyond thankful that Caroline, Tru, Bo, and Sascha will know their Aunt Kristin and Uncle David and all the cousins they give us!

My aunt cup felt pretty overflowing, and then . . . Josh's brother and his wife wanted to Skype one night. And guess what?! (If you can't guess this answer right, I cannot help you. No one can. It ought to be pretty obvious! Hahaha.) But just in case . . . THEY ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!! Right around their 1 year anniversary! What a present!!

Now, I love my nephews SO MUCH! But I am pretty stinkin' excited to say that I get to buy lots of pink stuff this time around!!! Jase and Sara are having a precious little baby girl. Congrats to y'all--we cannot wait to see how God blesses you with that sweet darling thing!

(And while I'm being all auntie, quick shout out to baby Davis as he recovers from tubes this morning--hope it helps!!)

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